The Historic East Neighborhoods Coalition operates under three strategic initiatives which guide the work.



The purpose of the HENC Education Initiative is to improve the academic outlook for youth by increasing community involvement in the life of neighborhood schools.  To inform the coalition's work leaders conducted needs assessments in area schools to determine which unique needs were to be met.  As a result of the works HENC has established Eating from the Garden Programs in three neighborhood schools. This initiative teaches children the principles of urban agriculture and the benefits of healthy eating.

Economic Development/Employment

The HENC Economic Development/Employment Initiative exists to rebuild the community’s economic base by increasing economic development and employment opportunities within the HENC community.  HENC partnered with the City of Kansas City's Planning and Development Department to develop the Heart of the City Area Plan which is now used to inform leaders on decisions related to economic development in the HENC community.

The lack of quality grocery stores in the urban core of Kansas City is an issue which has plagued the community for generations.  HENC is working diligently to identify areas of opportunity and new operators to eliminate the "Food Deserts" which exist in the urban core.

Coalition member the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation has made a tremendous leap forward in the development of the new Community Learning Center at 3326 Indiana.  Scheduled to open in June 2011 the center will be available for:

  • Youth and adult literacy
  • GED preparation
  • Full Employment Council's Shared Network Access Point (SNAP) computers
  • Full service computer lab
  • Employment rediness and training

Workforce Housing

The Workforce Housing initiative seeks to provide quality single and multi-family housing opportunities for residents within the HENC community. 

Currently HENC is working to acquire the Historic Seven Oaks Elementary School to convert into senior citizen housing for residents who find themselves aging out of their homes.

The three strategic initiatives work together for in a comprehensive community improvement fabric for the good of all residents.