About Us

In July 2009, ten neighborhood associations, congregations and business stakeholders combined to form the Historic East Neighborhoods Coalition (HENC).

The coalition addresses the needs of these neighborhoods. The idea is that together the groups can accomplish bigger and broader goals than working independently. Grants are more often given to groups that are already collaborating with each other.

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HENC has identified three strategic initiatives to collaborate on: education, economic development and employment, and workforce housing. The Coalition will strive to address economic and employment goals by working with and attracting new local businesses to increase employment opportunities for residents. HENC will also engage the community in the life of the surrounding schools by offering volunteer opportunities and exploring other means of support.

The Catholic Charities Grant was awarded to help HENC with set-up and organization costs incurred by the group.  The $15,000 grant will be used to set up the group’s leadership and board development, establish strategic plans, engage the community via social media, and create a brand identity.

The ten neighborhood associations are 23rd Street PAC, Boston Heights/Mount Hope, Key Coalition, Oak Park, Palestine, Santa Fe, Seven Oaks, South Round Top, Vineyard, and Washington Wheatley.

For more information contact your local neighborhood association.