Welcome to HENC

In July 2009, ten neighborhood associations, congregations and business stakeholders combined to form the Historic East Neighborhoods Coalition (HENC).

The coalition addresses the needs of these neighborhoods. The idea is that together the groups can accomplish bigger and broader goals than working independently.

The ten neighborhood associations are 23rd Street PAC, Boston Heights/Mount Hope, Key Coalition, Oak Park, Palestine, Santa Fe, Seven Oaks, South Round Top, Vineyard, and Washington Wheatley.

For more information contact your local neighborhood association.


Seven Oaks Estates Now Taking Applications

Seven Oaks Estates is now taking applications for the new apartments for seniors being renovated at the Historic Seven Oaks School. The complex will feature both 1 and 2 bedroom energy efficient apartments and is scheduled for opening at the end of April.

 This is a low income housing tax credit property located in the heart of the Historic East Neighborhoods and income restrictions will apply. Age restrictions will also apply.   If you are interested in renting one of these apartments please call our office at 816-921-1110 to get an application.

       1st Floor Plan                  2nd Floor Plan               3rd Floor Plan                                                    


Seven Oaks Estates Seniors Redevelopment Coming Soon

                                                                     In June 2012 the Missouri Housing Development Commission  approved funding for the redevelopment of the former Seven Oaks Elementary School located at 3711 Jackson Ave.  The new Seven Oaks Estates will consist of 28 two bedroom units and 16 one bedroom units for seniors.  There are many senior residents in the community that find themselves aging out of their larger two-story homes or burdened with the heavy expense of maintaining their home.  HENC’s objective is to provide quality housing that provides them the opportunity to remain in the community they love.

 The development team of Greater Corinthian Community Development Corporation and Midcontinent Equity Holdings has plans underway to create a state of the art facility that the community will be proud of.  The Seven Oaks Estates will be the third development for the partnership with the first two being 48 single family homes the 27th Street Development Phase I & II located at 27th Street and Jackson Ave.



HENC Leaders Propose Plan to Bridge Digital Divide

The advent of this exciting new technology Google Fiber set to launch in the Greater Kansas City Area is destined to transform Internet connectivity for the next decade.  However as a community it stands to widen the already vast digital divide that exists in Kansas City, MO.  Historically Troost Avenue has been the racial and socioeconomic dividing line in Kansas City.  We have a profound opportunity to do something exceptional in our day and time that will transform the lives of children in Kansas City’s East Side for generations.  This requires all involved to be sensitive to the concerns and strive to answer the question, of “How not why?”

As a community the Historic East Neighborhoods Coalition, Kansas City Public Schools, Southeast Coalition, LINC, the Kansas City Public Library, and the City of Kansas City, MO wish to partner with Google Fiber to create 21st Century Learning Environments for the children in east Kansas City, MO.  This can be accomplished by bringing fiber into the schools, L. H. Bluford and Southeast Branches of the library and the Southeast Community Center without the current pre-registration requirement.  Bluford has met the requirement which is fantastic but the Southeast Branch still lags behind.  The requirements for pre-registration are well thought out but it is met with a multitude of challenges to connectivity for communities such as East Kansas City.  Age, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity all play a role in creating this digital divide.  This can be eliminated if we can explore this possible solution. 

  1. Installing Fiber in our schools would open up endless possibilities for learning and communication.  Parents and guardians can utilize Google's tablets or notebooks to stay connected to their children's education through KCPS's new Power School program.
  2. Create Fiber Spaces in Lucille H. Bluford and the Southeast Branch Libraries where persons can come and experience the products without traveling to State Line.  The libraries have an incredible amount of traffic which would increase sales immediately.

Participating Institutions

  1. Wendell Phillips Elementary
  2. Crispus Attucks Elementary
  3. Phyllis Wheatley Elementary
  4. Faxon Elementary
  5. Lee A. Tolbert Charter
  6. George Melcher Elementary
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  8. Genesis School
  9. Carver Dual Language Elementary
  10. Central Academy of Excellence
  11. Lincoln College Preparatory Academy
  12. East High School
  13. Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
  14. Benjamin Banneker Elementary
  15. African-Centered College Preparatory
  16. Satchel Paige Elementary
  17. Holliday Montessori
  18. Southeast Branch KC Public Library
  19. Southeast Community Center
  20. Lucille H. Bluford Public Library


Current status of Fiberhood Pre-Registrations
Fiberhood Connectivity under HENC Plan











Dedication of Mable Washington Learning Center

On June 29, 2012, the Mable Washington Learning Center was dedicated and opened to the community. The center is a partnership between the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC), the City of Kansas City, Mo. and LINC. Mable Washington was a founding member of the PNDC which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. PNDC has partnered with LINC and the City of Kansas City, Mo. since 2007.

Mable Washington Learning Center Dedication from LINC on Vimeo.


Mable Washington Learning Center opens in Palestine neighborhood

The Mable Washington Learning Center will open its doors to the community on Friday, June 29, with classes and resources planned to help the neighborhood continue to grow.

Named after neighborhood leader and Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC) founder and past president Mable Washington, the center grew out of recent community demand for access to learning resources

Afterschool programming, GED preparatory classes, computer training, and skills development for those trying to obtain a job will all be offered at the center.

The Urban Agriculture Center will teach residents and youth about the importance of growing and eating healthy food, especially in food insecure neighborhoods such as theirs, as well as how to start a garden.

The Mable Washington Learning Center is located at 3326 Indiana Ave. in a renovated house owned by the PNDC.

A grand opening will be held on Friday, June 29 at 3pm at the center.